The Overland
Press Room

The much-loved Overland has held an important place in history since its first journey in 1887.

Travelling between Melbourne and Adelaide over ten hours, The Overland is a vital link not only between the two capital cities, but between the rural towns it stops at including Murray Bridge, Bordertown, Nhill, Dimboola, Horsham, Stawell, Ararat, and Geelong.

Featuring both Red Service and Red Premium Service, The Overland provides a relaxed daylight journey between the two capital cities.

Red Service features reclining seats, individual reading lights and access to Café 828 where meals and beverages are available for purchase. Guests are welcome to bring up to 2 X 20kg checked luggage.

Red Premium Service is all-inclusive of breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea and features reclining seats with ample leg room and individual reading lights. Red Premium guests also have access to Café 828 for dining and are welcome to bring 2 X 20kg checked luggage and one 10kg carry-on bag.

The Overland is funded by the Victorian Government and Journey Beyond Rail Expeditions.

Fast Facts

  • The Overland’s motif is a running emu representing speed over land.
  • The Overland was first known as the Intercolonial Express and later, the Adelaide Express.
  • The Overland covers 828 kilometres between Adelaide and Melbourne. That’s more than one and a half times the width of the UK at its widest point.