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Cruise Whitsundays, based in Airlie Beach, operates a range of remarkable experiences to help guests make the most of their time in the beautiful Whitsundays.

With Great Barrier Reef tours and overnight stays, visits to Whitehaven Beach, island hopping and premier island transfers connecting Hamilton Island, Daydream Islands and Airlie Beach, Cruise Whitsundays showcases the spectacular natural environment in a safe and professional manner.

Embracing the beauty of the natural environment, Cruise Whitsundays offers some of the most unique overnight accommodations and experiences available anywhere.


The Reefworld pontoon is moored 39 nautical miles from the mainland on Hardy Reef, part of the Great Barrier Reef. Guests can visit Reefworld on day trips to snorkel, dive, view the underwater observatory and get up close and personal to the reef in the semi-submersible.


Reefworld is also home to Reefsuites and Reefsleep. Launched in 2019, Reefsuites are two premium underwater suites, submerged four metres below the surface. Catering for just four guests at a time, the exclusive suites are the only underwater accommodation on the reef, offering spectacular views of the reef and its underwater inhabitants.


Reefsleep is an above-deck experience that allows guests to overnight on the Great Barrier Reef and under the stars. Re-launched in 2019 with specially designed Reefbeds, this is a unique stay that will be remembered long after the holiday is over.

Environmental Commitment:

The business is well-aware it is privileged to operate in such a spectacular natural wilderness and takes its commitment to the environment seriously. It has Advanced Eco Certification for several of its experiences and is a proud partner of Eco Barge Clean Seas, an organisation dedicated to the protection of the Whitsundays’ marine life and aquatic environment.

Fast Facts

  • When Cruise Whitsundays’ Heart Pontoon was irreparably damaged in a cyclone, it removed nearly 4000 pieces of coral from old moorings and replanted them on the existing reef wall to rejuvenate the Hardy Reef Environment.
  • You can experience the Great Barrier Reef without getting wet! Join a semi-submersible ride or step into the underwater observatory to find Nemo while staying dry.
  • Cruise Whitsundays’ fares include a ‘reef levy,’ which is a fee imposed by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and is used to protect the Great Barrier Reef through education initiatives.