The Ghan Returns To The Tracks


Epitomising the resilience of Australia’s tourism industry, The Ghan returns this Sunday departing Adelaide for Darwin for the first time in a little over two months and for the third time since being forced to stop due to border restrictions.

1 September 2021

Following the most recent bout of state lockdowns, The Ghan’s crew is ecstatic to be welcoming guests onboard for their long-awaited rail journey through the heart of Australia.  

To further enhance and protect guest wellbeing while travelling, Journey Beyond, the operator of The Ghan, has introduced JourneySafe featuring measures including additional stringent cleaning and sanitising, new staff training, physical distancing and ‘fit for travel’ checks.  

Journey Beyond Chief Commercial Officer Peter Egglestone said the pandemic is the latest challenge The Ghan has endured, and that tourism needs to be allowed to continue with added safety measures in place.  

“With more than a 90-year history, The Ghan has weathered challenges including a World War, the Great Depression and various pandemics. Its outback pioneering spirit is further cemented with its return this week,” Mr Egglestone said.  

“It must be recognised that Australia has managed the pandemic exceptionally well and while it continues to pose challenges, we need to work towards a future that allows people to travel, and for businesses to continue to operate.  

“People are experiencing ‘pandemic fatigue’ therefore we need to balance risk and take all reasonable measures to keep them safe while continuing to let them live their lives. 

“To help people book with confidence, we are offering 100% refunds on new bookings made from today through 30 September, when guests are unable to travel due to government-mandated restrictions preventing them from boarding,” Mr Egglestone said.  

In addition, to celebrate its return, guests eager to journey on The Ghan, travelling before 30 September on a new booking, can save up to $1,000 per person.  

Media Contact: 

Cheryl Monkhouse, Journey Beyond, Content and Communications Manager

E: [email protected]