The Ghan Departs for First Journey of 2022 Following Extensive Track Repairs

The Ghan’s 2022 season is set to begin this Sunday following a delayed return to the tracks after a deluge of rain damaged significant parts of the track in South Australia’s north earlier this year.

17 February 2022

Operators of The Ghan, Journey Beyond, will welcome 231 guests on board in Adelaide on Sunday as they prepare to cross the country on the first transcontinental journey of the year.  

Journey Beyond Rail Executive General Manager David Donald said The Ghan’s return was made possible by Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) crews from Port Augusta, Adelaide and Kalgoorlie who restored the track.  

“Thanks to the work of more than 100 people from ARTC over a period of 24 days, the train track damaged by heavy rainfall has been repaired and the Trans-Australian railway is open once more,” Mr Donald said.  

“Working in the remote places where the track runs is no easy feat, especially when there were 18 locations requiring repairs over a 300 kilometre stretch of track and 50,000 tonnes of ballast and rock required for these repairs.  

“Journey Beyond extends its thanks to ARTC for their massive logistical efforts and people power in restoring the track, thereby allowing The Ghan to resume operations and for our guests to fulfil their travel ambitions,” Mr Donald said.