New role for Eureka 89’s Renee Martillano

Journey Beyond Expands the Role of Eureka 89’s Executive Chef, Renee Martillano

27 March 2023

Executive Chef Renee Martillano has been appointed to oversee the gourmet food offering of Journey Beyond’s entire Attractions and Dining division.

As the Executive Chef of Eureka 89, operated by Journey Beyond, Martillano’s culinary creativity has been the driving force behind the Southern Hemisphere’s highest fine-dining restaurant for the past nine years. She’s one of the few female Executive Chefs in Melbourne, and in her expanded role, her natural talent and expertise will be brought to Journey Beyond Cruise Sydney and Darwin Harbour Cruises, matching the offering of Eureka 89.

Martillano’s expanded role is part of Journey Beyond’s ongoing commitment to providing guests with the highest level of service. With Martillano at the helm, guests can look forward to exceptional dining experiences on board both cruise experiences. Her passion for locally sourced ingredients and flair for creative combinations of flavours and textures have earned her a number of accolades. In her expanded role, Martillano will work closely with both the Journey Beyond Cruise Sydney and Darwin Harbour Cruises culinary teams to develop menus that hero Australian ingredients.

“I’m thrilled to be expanding my role to include Journey Beyond Cruise Sydney and Darwin Harbour Cruises,” said Martillano. “I will ensure that the culinary offering across these fantastic experiences is of the place and shines a light on local produce and producers. I look forward to working with the teams and providing guests with an unforgettable dining experience.”

Infusing a sense of place in each experience is an essential part of Journey Beyond’s ethos, with each of the 13 brands within the portfolio showcasing the culinary flavours and delicacies of the region in which it operates.

“Renee’s culinary philosophy focuses on using fresh, sustainable ingredients to create flavourful and visually stunning dishes,” says Cesar Piotto, Executive General Manager of Attractions and Dining at Journey Beyond. “Renee will sprinkle her magic across the menus of Cruise Sydney and Darwin Harbour Cruises, and I’m confident her exceptional culinary skills and passion for local produce will elevate the dining experience.”

At Eureka 89, Renee regularly changes the menu to adapt to the seasons and hero local produce, from Gippsland beef to Murray Cod from NSW and Rannoch quail from Tasmania, or whatever other farm-fresh produce is available. Her understanding of produce and flavour profiles results in exquisite dishes, and the menu evolution means dishes are constantly in development.